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Committee of Recommendation

Prominent members of Dutch society have expressed their support for LCA and are willing to act on our behalf.

  • Former Representative of the King in Gelderland Mr. Clemens Cornielje.
  • Mayor of Zevenaar Mr. Luciën van Riswijk.
  • Former Mayor of Zevenaar Ms. Ella Schadd-de Boer.
  • Former Mayor of Zevenaar Mr. Jan de Ruiter.
  • Mayor of Montferland Mr. Peter de Baat.
  • Former Mayor of Montferland Ms. Ina Leppink.
  • Paralympic Champion Jiske Griffioen.
  • Former Mayor of Rijnwaarden Mr. Mark Slinkman.
  • Chairperson of the Board of Quadraam Education Ms. Erika Diender.
  • Chairman of the Board of Liemers College Mr. Maarten Delen.
  • Grandmother Barack Obama, former president of the USA. (died 2021)

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